What are your triggers?

Matthew 26:6-16

When have you encountered a season in your life where things were going well and then through some unforeseen events outside of your control you began to be tempted to sin or fall into sin regularly?

Do you have any triggers in your life that possibly make you desire to do something wrong? What are they?

Today’s reading finds Judas in similar circumstances.

STEP 1: Jesus has made the chief priests and elders want to kill him – the tipping point was apparently when they heard Jesus teachings on the need to be watchful and faithful slaves, as well as slaves using their talents and caring for the family of God (and if they didn’t do these things Jesus implied he had the power to destroy those who were unfaithful).

STEP 2: A woman came to Jesus with VERY expensive ointment and poured it on his head out of love and honor for Him. The disciples were not happy about this. Most especially we can assume Judas was not pleased, considering that he was their treasurer (the guy in charge of the money) according to John chapters 12 and 13!

WRONG ACTION AS A RESULT OF STEP 1 and 2: Judas goes to those desiring to now kill Jesus and asks how much money they will give him.

Judas allowed the circumstance available (people wanted to now kill Jesus), his anger toward Jesus over the wasted oil, and his desire for money to lead him down a path where he betrayed Jesus.

How often do circumstances arise which begin to trigger anger in you? What are they?

When do you notice you are most likely to sin? Frustrated? Somewhat has hurt you or friend? Tired? Lonely? Confused?

Friends, one of the most difficult things to do as Christians is recognize that following Jesus and having transformed hearts is a process that involves not only the Hoy Spirit’s work in our lives but occasionally our discipline and self control. Knowing your triggers can help you identify when you might be likely to sin and then you can better avoid sin and be conscious about it throughout your day. This is one way we can begin to allow the Holy Spirit to make us more holy, into the masterpiece God wants us to be!

Just like an alcoholic tries to be aware of life circumstances that will push him/her to drink again, we need to actively be aware of triggers that could lead us to follow in the footsteps of Judas – pursuing created things of the world rather than serving the creator.