Created for a Purpose

Genesis 1:1 – 2:3

Often around Christmas time we tend to focus our attention to the beginning of the gospels.  Instead, I would like to look at the beginning of everything. Looking at the beginning shows us why Jesus needed to come dwell among us in the first place!

From day one (literally!) we find the Trinity.  Flowing from this intimate, holy loving relationship at the core of who God is, we discover creativity.  It is out of this deep intimacy that creation comes forth.  Creation does not simply happen because God was bored.  We know creation happens because of the intimacy that takes place within the Trinity and God desires to share that with us.  WOW.

Now, notice that everything created has a purpose. Even the ant, the mouse and anything else I hardly hesitate to kill when they intrude on my territory at home.  So what is the purpose of humans?

Genesis 1:26 says we are (or were before the fall at least) “image” bearers of God, created in the “likeness” of God.  Now, somewhere along the line sin tainted this beautiful reality.  Thankfully, through the coming of Jesus, His blood poured out for us and daily surrender to the power of the Holy Spirit we can yet again bear both the image AND likeness of God!  This was our original intention – to be the image of God on earth.

Have you ever heard someone say “Wow, you are the spitting image of your father [or mother]”?  This is the idea here in Genesis 1:26.  We want people to look at us and see our Father. This is only possible by surrendering every moment to the power of the Holy Spirit within us.

It is true that one could ask “What does it mean to be made in the image and likeness of God?” and that is a question I love to ask and have good discussion on.  However, the point the Lord has pressed upon me today is not “what it means” to be made in the image of God; rather, that this was God’s original intention for us.  Not for the water animals.  Not for the sun.  US.  It was only when our ancestors lived into this reality that they were able to walk and talk with God.  Once sin came into the world the beauty of this relationship was corrupted.  Jesus came to restore our proper place – as image bearers of God who are just like Him and have the blessing to be in intimate relationship with Him.

Yes, following this verse humanity is given a duty – to have authority over everything.  That is a high responsibility.  One we often do not consider when we are seeking to bear the “image” of God through the power of the Holy Spirit.  However, the most important thing for you and me to grasp today is this – we are the only part of creation created to be in the image and likeness of God.  To live into this we need to let go and surrender to the Spirit’s guidance in all things.

How are your skills at letting go?

How can you let go of more control in your life and give it over to God so that you might be more fully restored into your original purpose – being an image bearer of God?

How does it feel to know God created YOU for such a high purpose?