In The Midst of a Torrential Storm…

Front Porch Rain

Elo: Come out of the storm Henry.  Join me on the porch, my friend!  You are soaked.  Let me get you a warm drink and something to dry off with.  What were you doing out there?

Henry: Well, I didn’t know there was any option but to be out in the storm.  I don’t really know you that well.  I mean…we have lived kind of close for a while, but how many conversations have we actually had, like two?  What’s your deal anyway?  It seems you are always trying to help people and stuff.  Anyways, sometimes, it feels like this downpour won’t ever end.  Honestly, I almost feel like I live in this storm.  When was the last time you were out in the storm?  I don’t ever see you out here.


Elo: It is completely fine that you don’t know me that well, man.  All that matters is your desire to know me better.  Stay here, chat with me, let me tell you about things going on with me, and you share with me all that’s going on in your life.  Here’s some hot tea and a blueberry muffin.

Henry: Thanks.  I don’t even know where to start.  I hardly have any money.   I don’t know what I should be doing in life.  I am constantly living day-to-day overwhelmed with figuring out what there is for me and if there is more to life than this.  I really hate my job and my mom won’t even speak to me.  Apparently, I don’t meet the standards she expects from me.  Man, life is just rough.

Elo: Henry, I promise there is so much more to life than what you know.  Unfortunately, it takes being in a place where you can listen in order to know what is available.  Do you know how awesome you are?  My back porch is a good place for listening.  Why don’t you stay a while?

Henry: I would, but I really have to get going.

Elo: Henry, I am sorry to hear that.  You’ve hardly gotten a respite from the rain.  You didn’t even finish your muffin.

Henry: I can’t be late to work, and I can only imagine the grief I would get (from the few family members who do talk to me) if I lost my job.  Life calls.

Elo: So do I.

Henry: What?

Elo: I call you.  I text you.  I email you.  I seek a friendship with you, Henry.  Stay with me and let me show you what life can really be for you.

Henry: How can I avoid the storm, go back to life, and be with you?  That doesn’t make sense!

Elo: Earlier, you asked me when I was last in the storm.  The truth is that I am out there all the time with my umbrella desiring to bring people to my front porch.  It’s hard to see my face because I tend to put the umbrella over people and leave myself in the rain for them.  However, most people are too distracted with their cell phones, busyness, jobs, and the actual storm to hear me or notice me.  We are not made to live in the storm.  I want to be your shelter no matter what you are doing or where you are going.  I will carry the umbrella for you and will bring you back to the porch whenever you desire.  As a matter of fact, this porch and whole house are yours.  You simply have to move in and then ask me to join you each day.  What do you say, Henry?  Can I show you what a life of joy is like?  Can I show you what life looks like in the storm, yet out of the rain?


This is the heart of God for people.  Are you on the porch with God?  Are you walking with Christ as he holds the umbrella, listening to his heart and pouring out your own?  If so, who are you inviting to join you under the porch, umbrella and love of the Lord? If not, would you like to be out of the rain during the storm?