Who’s Your Why

Whos your why

By Jason Owens

While running early one morning at a local park I came across an individual sitting on his car in a particular area.  Saying “Hi!” I continued my run.  The next day I saw the same person in the same place.  Giving little thought to this repetition I finished my run with sweat dripping from my forehead.  The following day I saw this same individual again.  It finally clicked that this was an odd occurrence. I struck up a longer conversation with the man, as I took a break from my run, and quickly discovered he had a clear “why” as to his purpose there.  He was there for a person.  A person whom he loved.  A person who this man had very fond memories of in that very spot.  The rest is not my story to tell, but in that moment I begin to wonder who my “why” was in life.  Friends we must always have a person or group of persons clearly in mind when asking the question “why are we seeking to be the hands and feet of Jesus in the world around us”.

Why are we here?  To be made holy?  To go make disciples?  To make holy disciples through the Holy Spirit? Yes to all.  However, this is not a trite reality that sits as some ideal mission.  These are people who are growing into holy disciples – not numbers and definitely not a notch in our individual belts that might somehow make us feel like we have done our part or done enough that we can take a break!

Jesus was never seemingly in the business of political issues, marketing himself, particular growth models, or thinking about what benefits he might receive from doing a specific task.  No!  Jesus cared about people.  The “why” for Jesus has always been a “who” and never a “what.” Jesus simply cares about people.  He prayed for people, sought after people, ate with people, cried with people, walked with people and talked intimately with people.

This is why I am so passionate about Hub City.  There are people who need to be fervently prayed for, sought after, cried with, walked with and talked with in our backyard.

I implore you to come alongside me.  Join me in knowing who your “why” is today.  If you do not have a name or a few names in mind who need to know Jesus then ask the Holy Spirit to make it clear, and do not be afraid to engage the world around you.

Pray for these persons fervently.  Pursue relationship with the people for Christ.  Cry with them, listen to them, walk with them in life and talk with them.  Be Jesus to them and do not look through them.

Who is your “why”?

If you do not think any of this is important to know then consider something…

YOU were once somebodies “why”.